Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MacGruber: Obamacare: To destroy American healthcare you had to "reform" it...

Instapundit: A re-enactment of Obamacare (behind closed doors) and Gruber's gift: Letting the American People know what the Democrats really think about them
Instapundit: Gruber lied in 2009...2009 that is like ancient history!
Harry Reid wants to change the subject: Immigration or Landrieu's Hail Mary attempt
Instapundit: Earth and the Grubering, LameStreamMedia: the palace guards mostly looking the other way, Obamacare leadership threats and insults, University of RI buries Gruber video after it goes viral (hide the truth its what they do), Gruber anti choice and anti seniors, Gruber deniers need to give it a rest…
Instapundit: Culture of Corruption
Legal Insurrection: Obamacare: Almost awesome in its evilness

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