Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elise Stefanik: All politics is grass roots

Instapundit: How Elise Stefanik won (hard work and reaching out to voters)

Instapundit: It helps if you don't start with a handicap too (with the Dems having the media in their corner): Would Virginia and New Hampshire turned out differently if the Jon Gruber tape calling voters stupid broke before the election

Of course all politics is grass roots is a play on Tip O'Neill's borrowed phrase (no he did not coin it) all politics is local. Which is true (certainly true in Elise Stefanik's case), until it is not true.

DaTechGuy: Gruber's unwitting inditement of the media
Howard Dean recognizes his party has a serious problem…they have contempt for Americans
Instapundit: Simple policies win elections
But here is how a grass roots dairy farmer won in California…

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