Friday, October 17, 2014

Angry Obama: If Ron Klain can make an idiots like Joe Biden look good
he is obviously a miracle worker!

American Power: Nurse hot for CDC (and not in a good way) and Ebola Cruise Ship Denied
TOM: The Ebola Media Epidemic

Hot Air: A Czar is Born

Instapundit : The country is in the best of hands…NOT!
Instapundit : Tweet of the Week
More Instapundit (sex in the time of Ebola)! 10 things the Ebola crisis tells us about the Obama Administration.  And Obama's distain for the American people.
How did Nigeria stop Ebola
Ebola Czar reports to Susan Rice?
More from American Power

Instapundit : Limbaugh pounces (he's a panther sometimes, he also knows a hack when he sees one)
We have a virus that turns your organs into liquid, and the best guy to deal with it is a political hack?
Protein Wisdom: Top man!
Camp of the Saints: Depraved Indifference

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