Monday, October 20, 2014

Norman Mailer faces the Feminists with bonus Sapphic Rule 5

I was watching the 50 Year Argument about the New York Review of Books. Norman Mailer faces a panel of feminists. Mailer notes there are huge Lesbian overtones in feminism (staring around 43:00).

In the spirit of Rule 5, I will throw in this lesbian sex montage:


  1. Mailer seems like a pretty cool guy for a NY liberal.

    Looking for clips of him, I found this, which I thought was pretty funny.

  2. Awesome stuff from Mailer @42 min or so: "If you try to ignore that fact…you then get into the most awful totalitarianism of all, because it's a left totalitarianism. …If we get a left-wing totalitarianism, that means the end of all of us, because we'll have nothing but scrambled minds trying to overcome the incredible shock that the destruction of human liberty came from the left and not the right."

    He was talking about the denial of biology as a force in sex roles in society, but today he could equally well be talking about the consequences of any of the innumerable ways in which leftism denies reality.

  3. I agree. Mailer's politics were crap, but he would have been a kick to hang out with. He had that Camille Paglia or Christopher Hitchens like honesty that is appealing, even if you don't necessarily agree with them on a lot of issues.

  4. Finally got to the 3d Mailer vid, only to find that you'd featured the part of the 1st one that I quoted.



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