Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola Rule 5: Nurse Nina Pham recovering from infection Update: Is Nina Pham's boyfriend experiencing Ebola symptoms?

We wish and pray for Nina Pham's speedy recovery.
Update: She is doing really well

She was heroically taking care of the sick and putting her own life at risk.  Rule 5 and FMJRA
Instapundit : Kansas City Testing?
Regular Right Guy

Obama risking Ebola outbreak for his own political benefit
Another health care worker tests positive for Ebola in Texas
More Ebola cases in Dallas? What could go wrong?
TOM: The Ebola Media Outbreak (your ratings will spike higher than an Ebola fever)
Regular Right Guy: Ebola infected nurse flew Frontier...
Ebola in the USA
Instapundit: Come fly with me… (Ebola infected nurse #2 told to go ahead and fly with a fever)
Oh oh, this is not goodNina Pham's boyfriend admitted with Ebola symptoms?
American Power: This nurse is hot, as in angry with the CDC

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