Monday, September 8, 2014

With rising Republican hopes for taking the Senate, expect the Democrats to "unleash hell" before November...

You do not have to donate to the RNC (I would suggest you do not), rather donate to an individual Republican candidate you want to win. Here are a few suggestions:
Dan Sullivan in Alaska, 
Tom Cotton in Arkansas, 
Joni Ernst in Iowa, 
Thom Tillis in North Carolina, 
Bill Cassidy in Louisiana, 
Cory Gardner in Colorado, and 
Terri Lynn Land in Michigan.    

And while these races are favored for the Democrats, I would suggest you give some help to:
Monica Wehby in Oregon, 
Mike McFadden in Minnesota, and 
Scott Brown in New Hampshire too (if you can).  


  1. A bunch of those folks are scheduled to be featured on Ten Buck Fridays.

  2. The Demos have nothing much else anymore.


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