Tuesday, September 30, 2014

State Dept.'s Marie Harf on ISIS: The blonde stereotype is alive and well


  1. Not seeing the problem. She did a credible job talking the party line. I didn't hear any obvious gaffs. Certainly no Bidonisms.

    1. I am teasing Ms. Harf. It is idiotic to say that even ISIS did not foresee its spread (they are true believers who think they have Allah behind them...) but she is trying to spin to cover for her boss' screw ups.

    2. Still, even ISIS can experience unforeseen success in the rate of their spread. But without access to their internal plans this is a difficult thing to prove.

      Yet it is perfectly within the scope of things a spokesmodel would say to cover her bosses back side from criticism. And that is really her only job... that and getting hired at CNN next year.

  2. Remember: Harf is a verb

    Harf: verb [hah-ahrf] 1. to fill the air with meaningless noise 2. bloviate 3. cough up, as a hairball Related forms - "harf up"

  3. Clearly, they hoped we'd be so captivated by her looks, we'd be too busy wanking off to hear what she said.

    They think everybody is like them.

  4. She has no upper lip.

    Does constant lying cause it to wear out?


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