Wednesday, September 10, 2014

President Obama is blatantly lying (and the media will give him a pass)

Is Obama leading or being led?  Hmmm.
Maybe we should have elected Dick Cheney?  John Bolton would have worked too.
The Obama legacy? It is this, this and this, and the left will throw him under the bus.
John McCain lambastes Jay Carney on CNN, over shadowing Obama's speech.
Wombat notes McCain calls Carney a liar to his face.
Smitty has a question.
Instapundit : Roger Simon: The Nowhere Man goes to War
Instapundit says "HEH"
Wombat : Lawmakers dubious about Obama's ISIS plan
Barack in Iraq
Obama losing the woman vote
Obama ignored best military advice on ISIS

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  1. And when stuff starts blowing up because of all the crazies who have come across the border while he's leading his "deliberate response" from out of his behind, it will still be Dubya's fault.


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