Monday, September 1, 2014

Nuns in Decline!

I don't disagree that participation in religious orders has declined. I agree this decline is not a good thing. Guess what, male participation in religious orders has also experienced a similar decline over the last forty years. So Jo Piazza's conclusions in this story are all wrong. The decline of nuns is not due to the Catholic Church going after progressive nuns or refusing to ordinate women for the priesthood.  

There are a lot of reasons for the decline of priests and nuns, but I can conclusively state it is not because the Catholic Church has not embraced and celebrated progressives. That is not the well that the Catholic Church are drawing novices from. Joining a religious order is a matter of faith. And there are options than being a full time nun, including being an associate. You can be married, have children, even have a blog, and still participate in a religious order.

DaTechGuy notes that Jo Piazza gives her game away.

What a priest does on his day off…


  1. I didn't see any reasons for the decline given at the link, but I think an important factor must be the decline in the total fertility rates of Western nations. With an average number of kids per couple below 2, having one of them join a celibate clergy means a drastic reduction in the likelihood of gene propagation.

    1. The reasons are not stated but that is definitely a factor. Historically a younger child would be encouraged by parents to join a religious order (the dynamic in Saturday Night Fever definitely did exist). Now parents just hope they get a grand child or two.

      It is cultural too, there is a lot of subliminal pressure that becoming a priest must mean you are a pedophile or becoming a nun means you are a lesbian who can't face it. So many who might consider it decide to avoid that sort of drama.

      It is also not an easy path. FMF can tell us that.

    2. Although in SNF, it was the older son who joined up (making his parents think they got a pass into heaven).

  2. There will always be a hard core that seeks the contemplative life.

    It used to be the seminary and the convent were places all those spare children went and it didn't always work out.

    I have a feeling a lot of those out for "social justice" end up like the Singing Nun. The Church is a lot like the Army, it's not about you.

    It's about the greater entity.

  3. I see it as a sign that modern people increasingly see religious orders as archaic and pointless in the modern world.


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