Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mark Begich wrong about Barack Obama, wrong about his attack ads, and wrong for Alaska

How bad is it for Begich, even MSNBC is reporting it:
Alaska Democratic Senator Mark Begich’s campaign is pulling a brutal attack ad accusing Republican opponent Dan Sullivan of allowing an alleged murderer and rapist to get off with a light sentence after criticism from a lawyer representing the victims’ families. The family’s attorney, Bryon Collins, excoriated Begich over the television commercial. “You are tearing this family apart to the point that your ad was so shocking to them they now want to permanently leave the state as quickly as possible,” Collins wrote in a blistering letter that went on to accuse Begich of “playing pure politics at the expense of my clients.”

Begich's Backfire 
Begich forced to pull "Pants on Fire" false ad
Victim's family hammers Begich

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