Saturday, September 6, 2014

49ers vs. Cowboys, 2014, Week 1, Rule 5

San Francisco traveling to Dallas for Week 1
And given that Seattle won on Thursday, both these teams really want to start off with a win for this game. Well never let a Rule 5 opportunity pass and while the 49ers definitely have talent on their team, since the game is in Dallas, some Cowgirls are in order:

And some NFL approved cheese cake from the practice team:

It is not even halftime yet and the 49ers are crushing the Cowboys 21 to 3 (if it is going to change, it had better be soon for Dallas) SF wins 28 to 17 (congrats to Proof Positive)
Wombat: Rule 5 are you ready for some football?
Wombat : Oh Tony, you're not fine, you have probably blown your mind…

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