Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slippery Slope Big Love Polygamy Rule 5

Hmmm, a Federal Court strikes down part of Utah's anti polygamy law. This is why same sex marriage should never have been imposed by the courts, but should be passed by legislatures. But nooooooo, those of us who said this were just H8ey H8ers for suggesting that maybe equal protection clauses done by Congress and states in the 19th Century might not be about "marriage equality." Well it is proving to be a slippery slope.

But never let a Rule 5 opportunity go to waste:

Old School Mormon Polygamists

TV Fiction vs. TV Reality Show

Okay, Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint plural marriages are a bit strange and run the gauntlet of the Kody Brown case to the creepy and criminal (in terms of the groups in Texas and Arizona).  But there is a certain other religious group that has a fascination with plural marriage.

Of course when you get past romantic notions of harems, the reality is often a tad less glamorous.  


  1. If you think that top picture is atypical, read what Mark Twain had to say about "outhouse harems".

    And the modern guys are all about exploitation.

  2. Why a man marries is a mystery. Why he marries more than one wife is a bigamistery!

  3. Re: the top picture: is the husband not in the photo? Because I really can't tell.

    1. Looks to me like he's 2nd from the top, 2nd from the right.

    2. Though I just looked closer and...maybe not, but that's an awfully masculine looking woman.


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