Thursday, August 14, 2014

Separated by Perspective: Ferguson, Missouri Update: Michael Brown was a suspect in a gas station robbery just before he was shot?

How police would like to see themselves…
How police are seen by many in Ferguson

I have no idea what really happened the night Michael Brown was killed. I suspect very few people know. Obviously we need to find out.[Update, I have a strong suspicion he was up to no good, see below]

There is a huge mistrust of the police. Why are they often immune from liability?

Rioting and looting in response to a death like this is completely unacceptable (and self destructive).

The over the top military style police response is not helping to deescalate the situation (it is arguably making it worse).

And the media sensationalizing of it just adds fuel to the fire.  And President Obama? His leadership has not been exactly helpful. Especially when he is phoning it in from Martha's Vineyard.
This however gives me a little hope:
Camp of the Saints
How a suburban SWAT Team sees itself
Wombat : Missouri's governor tells police to chill out, has highway patrol take over…
Instapundit: Congress under pressure from left and right to demilitarize the police
Reason reports from Ferguson

If true this certainly lends support to the police version of events when Brown was shot.
Hugs and kisses replace teargas in Ferguson
More about alleged Michael Brown robbery at Daily Mail
Lem's Place
American Power with Video of the Robbery
Legal Insurrection
Anyone should be able to take a picture of cops doing their official duties
Oh oh, cops stand down and looters return… (what could be the problem)
Maybe the Pentagon arming police departments is not a good thing…


  1. It's starting to look like Trayvon II.

    Brown and another thug/wannabe thug went into the prowl car for a little Knockout Game and Brown got shot.

    How much of this will turn out to be "Out of control cops" remains to be seen. One Democrat committeewoman (black) reported cops showing incredible restraint and reported a white protestor beaten by a mob of thugs. The police chief said his men had been shot at every night.

    1. Do you have links for that? Especially Brown engaging in the knock out game. I have not seen that. I am certainly not saying all the cops are out of control. They were not. But they definitely did not help deescalate maters with the show of force they made.

    2. As your pics note, I'm wrong about the Knockout thing, sorry about that.

      As for the cops, here's the link for the committeewoman's tweets

      Also An Ol' Broad's Ramblings has a good sum-up.


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