Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rob Reiner, he never disappoints does he?

Rob Reiner, still a schmuck

As Chick noted he was Meathead in All In The Family


  1. His character on "All In The Family" was "Meathead" not "Meatball."

  2. He inherited a wonderful sense of comedic timing from his father. His politics, on the other hand, would gag a maggot.

    1. He inherited his politics from his father, too. It's a wonder CA doesn't tip over into the Pacific, the Reiners are so far Left.

  3. These were around in the '72 election. I have one along with a bunch of Nixon and McGovern buttons.

  4. If you'd ever seen him on TMC's "The Essentials", trying to deliver insightful commentary on great movies, he has to be the most vain yet intellectually under-equipped human beings on the face of the planet.


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