Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Protestors in Ferguson throw rocks at MSNBC's Chris Hayes

Howard Kurtz criticizes liberal outlets and his former employer CNN for creating a "lynch mob" hysteria about Ferguson.  Which makes TOM's advice all that more relevant.
Roger Simon blames the Great Society.
Smitty blames Progressives for the mess we are in (well beyond Ferguson)
It is all in the language too.
Police accuse MSNBC of endangering lives in Ferguson (beyond Chris Hayes's)
Was Officer Wilson injured during altercation with Brown? (it seems insane the police would not mention this sooner)
Christine Beyers retracts tweet, but Gateway Pundit says Wilson was seriously injured?  Caution!
The Narrative Breaks Down
Smitty notes it is almost like they have the script for this already drafted, great comment by Larry at Instapundit.

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