Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jodi Ernst v. Bruce Braley

It remains a close race, essentially a toss up (with Ernst slightly ahead). I am not an Iowa voter, so my primary concern is having a Republican majority in the Senate. That said, I greatly prefer Joni Ernst's positions on policy over Bruce Braley's. I also think Joni Ernst is a far better politician than Braley, not making gaffes is important.

Chip S. said he is put off by fake outrage. I do not consider the Braley Chickengate story fake outrage (it is more humor than anything else and it was the Braley's own hamfisted involvement that even made it a story).  Braley's video below, however, is more substantive and does reveal how Braley sees things:

Braley accuses Ernst of not supporting a national minimum wage.  While many think this is minimum wages are a good thing, the reality is raising the mimum wage doesn't work, hurt entry level jobs and just add another onion layer of regulation to the economy.

While personally I would love to see the ethanol subsidy go (it makes zero sense for national policy) on a local level Iowa benefits greatly from it and both Braley and Ernst are for it.  The only argument is who is more for it. Given how Iowa is, I am going to guess they are equally for it.

In terms of overall politics, Braley leans fairly to the left.  Joni Ernst is a moderate conservative.  Braley supports issues Democrats typically support. Ernst is a centrist Republican.

Here is Braley's voting record.

War on women: Joni Ernst says she was sexually harassed in the National Guard.  


  1. Cool post.

    Braley missing most Veterans' Affairs hearings seems like a real vulnerability after the VA scandals. He's the embodiment of lousy oversight.

    1. And in contrast, Joni Ernst is serving in the National Guard.

    2. Thank you Chip for inspiring the post.

    3. The NC race is also v. close. How 'bout a post or two on that one?

      (This inspiration stuff is the easy part.)


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