Thursday, August 21, 2014

#Ferguson and its Lottery

I still do not know what specifically happened between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, other than Michael Brown ended up dead as a result of it. It is reported, but not confirmed, that Darren Wilson was physically attacked by Brown and suffered a fractured eye socket. While people certainly have opinions, whether that shooting was justified or not is still unknown to most people. 

But the way this story is playing out, with Governor Jay Nixon calling for Wilson's vigorous prosecution, is troublesome. Is Nixon nuts? Shouldn't we have a full investigation first before any talk of prosecution happens? 

Smitty's post about it almost being like a script is playing out, reminded me of this classic short story from The New Yorker:

Especially bringing in the outside ringers for protesting!

Banana Republic
It is reported Wilson did not suffer an eye socket fracture
Is this it?

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