Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bigfoot not real? Is it a conspiracy?

Michael Medved is a big Bigfoot proponent.  But the science is not there: All hair samples are accounted for.

No word if Michael's mustache has been tested yet.  


  1. Now that the entire human race carries digital cameras 24/7 on their cell phones, there are no pictures of UFO, bigfoot, or Lockness monster.

    Case Closed.

    Now that any 12 year old with a computer can shop a good monster picture at will, no one would believe a picture of bigfoot, UFO or Lock Ness if one were produced.

    1. You can verify a digital photo from looking at the metadata. But the truth is people see things (so subjectively they are telling the truth) it is just not what they think it is. There has never been any real objective data or records to back up these things.

      The UFO issue of course is one that is impossible to disprove--it is a big universe out there. And of course the argument is governments are hiding these secrets from us (funny how the Snowdens of the world never manage to leak those files). But if there was any population of eight foot tall ape men or dinosaurs living in some Scottish lake, we would have found it by now.


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