Wednesday, August 20, 2014

American Jihadist Ali Muhammad Brown focused on murdering gay men: From Washington State to New Jersey

Apparently deference to Islam trumps violence directed toward gay men when it comes to media hysteria:
Authorities in Washington state say Ali Muhammad Brown allegedly shot and killed two young gay men on June 1 after arranging to meet one of the victims through a social networking app called Grindr.
Wow. So why is Ali Muhammed Brown's jihad against gays not national news? I remember this case getting a fair bit of attention, and in the end it turned out the motive was more about a drug deal gone bad than any homophobia.

Brown is also a sex offender who failed to register.

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  1. Well, this should wake up a lot of people.

    Or not.

    The willful idiocy of the Left can be stunning.


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