Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amanda Marcott: So why is Missouri citizens (presumably many of them women) arming themselves shameful?

I have no idea if the underlying shooting by the police of Michael Brown was justified or not (I do not know enough of what actually went on).  Amanda Marcott of course (intentionally and dishonestly) leaves out that rioting and destruction and looting of businesses in Missouri is what is driving gun sales. Why does Amanda Marcott not want women to be able to protect themselves?

You know who is shameful: Amanda Marcott. Beyond being a leftist lunatic, she is also a bad feminist. Because Amanda Marcott would deny women the right to protect their lives and property.

A feminist theory of the 2nd Amendment and Self-Defense.
Feminism is not about choice or pacifism, or the misguided notion that estrogen is anything but an anabolic steroid, and one far stronger than testosterone–which is itself not a monster hormone. It is about equality, and the fact that women are human beings and citizens, with the inalienable right to our lives and the absolute integrity of our bodies. It is about defending that right, not merely legally, but physically and effectively, by any means necessary–including handguns, including concealed carry.
There are plenty of things feminist women can disagree about and still be feminists. This is not one of them.
A big majority of Missourians voted for a State constitutional amendment ballot measure to defend gun rights.

But maybe too many arms in the wrong hands is a bad thing?
Pentagon Fueled Ferguson Confrontation
Police Demilitarization


  1. It's always shameful for people to use their own money to buy stuff they want, that is legal.

  2. It's called self-defense, sweetie.

    Ride a cross town bus or subway through any big city.


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