Sunday, August 3, 2014

A tale of two conflicts: Syria vs. Israel-Gaza

One conflict is getting attention, the other not so much:
American Power and The Other McCain report on anti Israel protests and pro Hamas support in Orange and LA County. As you can predict, Hamas gets support from old Communists and Feminists (the later is of course inconsistent--but not surprising if you follow radical feminists--since women have rights in Israel and virtually no rights in Gaza).

There were some counter protestors.

So despite the fact that the casualties in Syria are in the tens and hundreds of thousands, the focus is almost exclusively in Israel and Gaza.
There is another question about media coverage that has been bothering me, however, one of proportionality. I was struck, over the weekend, by the lack of coverage of the Syrian civil war, in which the death count recently passed 170,000. By Sunday night, it had become clear that the weekend in toll in Syria would stand at roughly 700 dead—a larger number, obviously, than the weekend toll in Gaza (and more than the total number of deaths in this latest iteration of the Gaza war to date.) I tweeted the following in response to this news out of Syria: “I sincerely hope the @nytimes covers the slaughter in Syria – 700 dead in 48 hours – in tomorrow’s paper. Very important story as well.”
Why is that?

Zionism's Historical Success 

Wombat : Israel ceasefire in parts of Gaza, partial withdrawal of troops, and missing soldier Hardar Goldin is dead.

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