Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#TheBearIsLoose: Why Are The Democrats Hiding the Children?


  1. You are 1000% right. What is going on in these camps? What are the conditions? Why can't Congressmen and reporters get in there to see what is going on?

    1. It is creepy and why isn't the media calling him on it? Well, we know why, they are still in the bag for him.

    2. Tell you one thing, I never want to hear a Lefty journolist invoke the Public's Right To Know next time a Republican isn't 100% forthcoming.

      They've forfeited all credibility on this one.

  2. Because those camps are starting to look like Auschwitz. Or Andersonville. Or Chengi. Or the black Hole of Calcutta. MRSA and hoof and mouth are the latest diseases coming across.


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