Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sting: The Last Ship Sails

Michael Haz recommends this strongly:
Michael Haz said...
Speaking of musicals.....
*waits while people wonder what the heck*
Here's a shopping tip for those on or near the Eastern seaboard: Buy tickets now for Sting's musical The Last Ship opening on Broadway September 29. You may not be able to get tickets if you wait until it opens.
Mrs H and I watched the preview in a theater in Chicago last week. Musicals and plays that may be hits are dry-run in Chicago before moving to NYC. She's on her computer now trying to get tix to see it again before it closes in Chicago in ten days.
The Last Ship is the most brilliant, best written, best composed musical we've seen in three decades of being Chicago theater rats. Better than Disney, better than Andrew Lloyd Weber.
There's an hour and twenty minute YouTube of Sting and his musicians singing the musical's songs at a theater in London, also worth your time.
*back to the topic*
I've discovered that I really miss the Latin Mass.
Finding a parish near home that offers the Latin (Tridentine) Mass twice every Sunday is what brought me back to the church.
Stick with learning it, and order one of these,June 29, 2014 at 11:04 PM

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