Thursday, July 3, 2014

It is hard to get fired up over a storm named Arthur…


  1. To be fair, Wilma and Andrew didn't sound all that menacing either. Or Hurricane Charley, the scariest of the three I've experienced. (Francis and Jeanne were the other two, all within six weeks of each other.)

    Now Hurricane Ivan sounded scary, and it was a monster. We got lucky with where that one made land fall. And old-timers might find some menace in the name Donna, too, although it always makes me think of my super-hot Chem II teacher in high school.

    No, reasonable precautions should make this one a fairly minor event, especially if it steers offshore.

    1. Sandy did not necessarily sound bad either, but it certainly went bad. Given its projected path, Arthur appears to be a big concern only if you happen to own property or have vacation plans for the Outer Banks this weekend.

    2. It could also screw up Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard...but I am less concerned about that than the Outer Banks.


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