Thursday, July 10, 2014

If President Obama wants Congress to act on dealing with this influx of illegal alien children, why not immediately start sending them back?

Why not pass legislation to immediately repatriate them and fly them back to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador?  We can even pay for places for them to stay there, with appropriate relief workers to care for them, pending repatriation to their parents and families.

President Obama and the Democrats are not being truthful. They do not want to solve this problem. They do not want to send these hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens back to Central America.  Republicans should respond to the President with legislation to repatriate these children immediately and Tom Coburn is proposing exactly that.  The media is trying to spin it that the Republicans are heartless, which is an outrageous lie. For the Democrats to create this crisis with kids pouring across the border is heartless.

And why are the Democrats hiding these children?  #TheBearIsLoose?

Drudge Report is linking up a storm on this crisis...

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