Monday, July 28, 2014

Gal Gadot Rule 5

Never let a Rule 5 opportunity pass one by…

TOM: Crazy People, Crazy Times
Legal Insurrection: Anti Semitism in the name of Anti Zionism (just open your eyes to see it)
Monday #Rule 5
Young blame Israel, Left torn between Israel and Hamas This is easy, Israel is right, Hamas is evil…
Smitty: Leading is hard, Bibi deals with Lurch
Wombat : Bibi warns of long war and WH upset that Kerry got dissed…
TOM: Gaza War continues…
Lem's Place: Kid just having fun with his RPG
Legal Insurrection: One people built tunnels, another a nation
160 Palestinian children die digging tunnels? How about going to school instead?
Smitty: Head 'Sploading Tweet of the Day
Instapundit: A modest proposal


  1. The blogosphere is doing a Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman thing. The new Wonder Woman seems to fit William Marston concept better than Lynda Carter. Some background...

    Bonding with Wonder Woman

  2. Wonder Woman used to be a little more red, white and blue.

    1. Hollyweird Hates America, after all.

    2. Superman dumped that patriotism too. I blame DC Comics, which must stand for Democrat C……….

    3. With an increasing share of the money from the overseas market, they decide that they gain more than losing by trashing America.

      Plus they enjoy trashing America. It is what Hollywood does.

    4. Presumably, that's her special, volcano-fightin' outfit.

  3. This one looks like an Israelite warrior - Deborah or Judith, maybe.

    Quite a Gal, nontheless.

    (had to...)


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