Friday, July 4, 2014

Cherry Pie 4th of July

Here is a link that goes to a recipe for sour cherry pie, but I really liked the watercolors at this site.

Here is another recipe with almond flour in the crust.

Tomatoes  This is something Cynthia Yockey would do


  1. that crab cake recipe is just about right.

    1. I liked this too (I have not tried that recipe, but I tend to do almost the same thing myself). I have lately leaned toward using an Old Bay recipe without the salt (it is blended by a spice merchant fresh) and eliminating the bread crumbs (but I could go either way on that). I season crab cakes minimally since the crab is so good and I do not want to overpower it. If it needs some salt you can always add it (a flake sea salt is really good). Sweet onion works well too.


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