Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazil: The Thrill of Hosting a World Cup and the Agony of Germany Humiliating Your Team at Home…with Rule 5 Update: Brazil gets beat by Netherlands for 3rd Place

Update:  Netherlands take 3rd place.  Brazil is not happy with this World Cup.  

Brazil did have high hopes for this World Cup…

But things did not work out today as Brazil hoped...  Neymar's loss was too much for the team…
A dark day in Brazil

Look on the bright side, it could be worse…it could have been Argentina that beat Brazil.

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Wombat : Beatdown
Brazilian models sad, smoke some cigarettes to make up for it…

TOM: Exhausting the Blitzkrieg Metaphors Germans are collecting the Brazilians' tears and using them
to salt their pretzels.
Could this loss change the nation?


  1. Perhaps the girls should have dressed the way they do during Carnaval.

    The Krauts never would have noticed what was happening on the field.

  2. Aw! Look at the little boy with the green mohawk in the "massacred" picture. If only Obama had come with his phone and his pen, and had a picture taken with the little boy looking on, smiling, as Obama signed his EO forbidding Germany from scoring any goals, the little boy would be happy, not sad.

    Now, he's going to end up on the border, with lice and scabies and TB and early menopause and infected hangnails, and it's all the fault of those h8ers in Murietta for not letting him come and sponge off of them and ruin their town.

    None of this would've happened except for Bush. And those Murietta racists.


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