Friday, July 4, 2014

Fireworks, Rule 5, and Idiots…


Talking about idiots, I am not sure who is worse these idiots above shooting rockets out of their asses or…
TOM: Gender Theory: Beyond Parody
Smitty: Robert Redford riding his climate change hobby horse…
TOM: Max Blumenthal (enough said, he is worse than anal shooting retards)


  1. You know, at no point in my life have I thought, "Gee, I bet shoving some gunpowder wrapped up in a paper tube up my fundament and setting it one fire sounds like a good idea!"

    But then, (a) I don't like having anything shoved up my ass and only relent to prostate exams for my wife's benefit (she lost her father to prostate cancer), and (b) I'm just not that much fun.

    PS I guess maybe those guys think they're putting the 'fun' in fundament.

    1. I mean, I've been extremely drunk, pissing down the carpeted indoor stairs drunk, stupid drunk, hurling up my guts drunk, bullet-proof drunk, and I've never though that a good idea. Or even an idea to consider.

      I really don't understand how some of these humanoids think.

    2. Can't say I ever thought shooting rockets out of my ass would be a voluntary option to pursue.

  2. Some are born that stupid, and some are willing to pay for lessons to be that stupid.


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