Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Barack Obama: Never let a crisis go to waste: And if you can't find a crisis create one...

When the Benghazi scandal started to heat up, the White House looked to change the subject. When the ISIS threatens to destabilize Iraq, Syria and Jordan, and the IRS corruption is too blatant for even the MSM to ignore, we suddenly get a flood of Central American children (and adults) across the border. Coincidence again? Of course not, this was a horror show that was intended by the President. 

The President is now trying to exploit it for all it is worth. Rather than counter what the President is obviously up to, Establishment Republicans fall all over themselves essentially helping him. Conservatives need to wake up.  

This is Obama's Katrina.  It is worse than Katrina because it was manufactured by the President.  


Remember ObamaCare being in the news? Seems like ancient history. It might be coming back sooner.  If the Halbig case does not go the Administration's way, expect a new crisis from Obama in response.

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  1. I don't think he wanted it to blow up this way, though.

    They're finding dead kids in the Rio Grande and Congressman Bridenstine learned (finally) a lot of these kids' transport is funded by illegals who sell them into slavery.

    He wanted a fait accompli, not something that would rouse the whole country against him even more than ChoomCare.

    I'm reminded a little of the Bataan Death March, where the brutality inculcated into the Japanese Army was secondary to a complete lack of planning.

    The old wheeze goes, "Losers think tactics, winners think logistics". I think our Little Zero was only thinking tactically and the logistics bored him.

    As usual.

    1. We (and the GOP leadership) should be calling him on the horrors of his failed policies constantly. Because it is bad.

  2. Rahm looks so young in that photo. The mess he's made of things in Chicago appears have aged him considerably.


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