Friday, June 13, 2014

Women of Iraq and Kurdistan Rule 5 | نساء العراق وكردستان القاعدة 5

Too bad the Iraqi Army turns and runs from the I.S.I.S.  Don't they know what they are fighting for?  Do they really want the women of Iraq to all look like this?  When they can look like these women below? 

سيئة للغاية الجيش العراقي ويتحول تنطلق من ISIS لا يعرفون ما انهم يقاتلون من أجل؟ هل يريدون حقا نساء العراق لجميع تبدو هذه؟ عندما يمكن أن تبدو وكأنها هؤلاء النساء أدناه؟


  1. There are some very beautiful women in that part of the world, the kind that have inspired poets for centuries.

    You have to wonder what kind of men can hate them so much (and are so afraid of them) that they have to treat them the way Islam requires.

    1. shut the fuck up with your propaganda spreading. it's a religion of peace.

    2. Christianity is a religion of peace.

  2. I thought Sarah Shahi (your last picture) was Persian, not Kurdish or Iraqi. *check*

    Half Iranian / Half Spanish. And born in Texas. And also the only reason I watched "Fairly Legal." And also a wonderful addition to the Person of Interest cast.


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