Sunday, June 8, 2014

Who are the Haqqani and what were they paid to give up Bergdahl Update: The media tries to turn this story around for the Obama Administration

This was reported by Brad Thor at The Blaze last week.  It is now noted at Washington Free Beacon and Hot Air,  Bergdahl was held by the Haqqani Network, which operates separately from the Taliban.

The release of the Taliban Five from Guantanamo would not have motivated the Haqqani to release Bergdahl. So what did the Obama White House give them?
Jalaluddin Haqqani
So if the Haqqani did not want them, who proposed releasing those five Taliban terrorists?  Did the Obama Administration just offer them up (so as to start the ball rolling on clearing out Guantanamo)?
Maybe it was a commitment not to target them with drones: "One analyst said that in addition to trading five senior Taliban leaders to win Sgt. Bergdahl’s release Saturday, the U.S. appears to have suspended its drone war in Pakistan and let targets slip away."
The Haqqanis have suffered significant losses during the past few years due to drone strikes, which has enormously affected its field operations across the border in Afghanistan. First they lost Badruddin and then in September 2013, Maulvi Sangeen Zadran, another prominent commander, was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan.

This has been a bad couple of weeks for the Obama Administration.  But his allies are not giving up.  Spend some time watching the Networks this weekend.  The scrubbing of Obama's latest scandal is underway.  The President started by blaming his critics and the Obama White House has taken unusual steps in burying the facts of this story.

The far left media, such as MSNBC, went mostly wall to wall justifying the exchange (with the exception of Chris Matthews).  Joan Walsh is trying to figure out how to turn matters against conservatives.

But now after a few days of that, ABC News mentioned this morning how Bowe Bergdahl was held in a "shark cage," in the dark, for months.  Bob Scheffer on CBS is taking the same tack.  So is Juan Williams on Fox News.  Very little mention of desertion allegations, the collaboration allegations, the converting to Islam and carrying a weapon while with Haqqanis, other than his homecoming in Idaho was cancelled due to "threats" by other Americans upset with Bergdahl and his family.

What was interesting is Diane Feinstein on Face the Nation still claiming that the Obama Administration is not telling her anything about what went on.

But lets get beyond those distractions, even if you take the assumption that Bergdahl did nothing wrong, why trade him for these five terrorists and what did the Harqqani get out of the deal?  That still remains unexplained.

AoSHQ: State Dept refuses to say if cash payment was part of the Bergdahl deal


  1. I still think the Choom Gang needed a distraction and this just blew up in their faces.

    1. That is part of it, but he wanted to start closing Gitmo and this was a great opportunity to start doing so.


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