Tuesday, June 10, 2014

While Barack Obama makes his next serial mistake, the GOP Establishment is doing what?


  1. You raise an excellent point.

    The Whigs have been bought and paid for and are with the Demos.

  2. Look, Republican politicians do not give a shit about the Republican party or its future. They only care about themselves and their futures. And their futures are dictated by their most important donors, who come from big business and finance. And THOSE folks want to crush the American middle class and so create a country of padrones and peons. So the pols do the bidding of their masters, so as to insure their futures and the future of their family. The idea that they give a fuck about anything else is not borne out by their behavior.

    The sooner you loyal Republicans figure out that you are being played for suckers the sooner there is a chance the course can be changed for the better. But until you stop loyally voting for these bastards on the premise that they're better than the Dems you're just fucking the nation as badly as Pelosi or Reid or Obama are fucking the nation. Worse, in some ways, as you are giving the impression of dissent without the reality.


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