Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trademark decision goes against Redskins Football Team

This trademark decision is not good for the team.  It will be appealed but still… As mascots go this was not intended to be disparaging, although I can understand why some might find the term "Redskins" offensive.  There is a lot of political posturing going on. The vast majority of people (including Native Americans) do not have a problem with the name. The team used to be called the Boston Braves (before they moved to the District of Columbia) so there is a basis for that name and the logo could arguably stay (although do the Atlanta Braves have that trademark sewed up).  Of course Cleveland and Atlanta are facing pressure too.

Chief Wahoo, your days are numbered…

Protein Wisdom is disgusted but not surprised (and a voice in the wilderness on this for a long time)
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  1. 30% of American Indians divides out to .6% of the American people.

    Get real.

    1. It is a false raaaaacism argument, but one that will eventually probably not be worth the Redskins to continue to fight. The trademark decision is especially troublesome. They will appeal it and I hope they win, but if they lose it, it is bad.


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