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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Obama White House and Lois Lerner: Her IRS computer conveniently has a defective hard drive?

And the Media mostly ignores it…

The IRS Scandal Day 401
Hot Air

Are the White House, FBI, and IRS lying?  You tell me:
Given the normal backup procedures of any IS department, it is completely impossible to lose 2 years of data. 2 weeks maybe, 2 months on the outside but to lose 2 years would require someone physically taking the backup tapes or storage units to get rid of them. Units in the plural, more than one. Most companies backup monthly which means someone had to take at least 24 tapes or storage units from a secure location. Impossible - legally.
AoSHQ had this tweet:


  1. If you're old enough, you remember Frank Costello saying the exact same thing.

  2. Yeah, this story is completely unbelievable. You don't even have to be an IT/IS person: Any intelligent person that has worked for an even moderately large organization should know this is bullshit. Hell, my wife's previous job to the current one had her working for a company of 35 people, and they'd be embarrassed to make up this kind of story. And they didn't have a multi-trillion dollar budget like the federal government.


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