Friday, June 27, 2014

Separated at Birth: Huma Abedin and…?

Huma Abedin and…
Alysia Reiner

Chip S. made this request.  At first I thought sure, but it was hard to find a good match.  But they do have similar mouths:

EBL: Hillary's Secret Deal with Huma and Weiner?  (Aridog has some great comments)

TOM: You magnificent Lesbians--I read your books!
TOM: Gender neutral bathrooms at the Socialist Convention!


  1. Huma got one of those shovel ready jobs Obama promised.

  2. That picture on the bottom right reminds me of that episode of South Park with Scott Tenerman. You know the one, with the horse biting off Tenerman's weiner.

  3. The one on the bottom left looks like an inflatable sex toy.

    Er, I think.


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