Sunday, June 1, 2014

Separated at Birth: Bowe Bergdahl and…?

Which prompted me to send Bob Bergdahl this tweet in response:
h/t: Chip S. 

And let's not forget the lie of the day:

Of course it depends how you define terrorist…
Was it worth it? (If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer…)

Wombat Live at Five : Mixed reactions, Hagel defends, WH "doesn't give shit" why Bergdahl got captured…
Instapundit: Law breaking? Get over it.
Instapundit: This is looking like a debacle...


  1. Even guys in his unit are denouncing this.

    The whole thing smells like the bin laden hit.

  2. I was wondering about a "Homeland" type connection after years of brainwashing (and a Muslim father). They'd best muster that ol' boy out so no one has to share a foxhole with him.

  3. Troubling is Sec Hagel's assertion the justification for non-notification in accordance with law was the need to save Berdahl's life...e.g., implication that his health was in imminent danger and speed was of the essence. Troubling because Hagel utters those words, but then no one details anything about Bergdahl's health or condition at Landstuhl. Normally when one makes an assertion against the interest of law, one provides evidence of some kind.

    1. As you note, "Normally..." This stinks.

  4. You know, I don't really have a problem with negotiating with terrorists. We've actually allied ourselves with worse than this lot in the past. Hell, we've behaved worse than this lot in the past.

    The problem I've got is with the effectiveness of this policy, which looks like a cluster-fuck on PCP, and with the willful law-breaking of the Administration. But neither thing is really new, is it?

    Basically, this is just another example of same shit, different day from this lot.


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