Friday, June 6, 2014

Seattle Pacific University Shooting: Our focus should be on hero Jon Meis


Our prayers and sympathy to the student who was killed and the others who were injured.  The shooter was captured thanks to Jon Meis acting.


  1. Looks very Spockian and, not surprisingly, did the logical thing.

    1. He does have a Spock look, but It is not logical to run toward a lunatic with a shotgun, it is bravery.

    2. Of course, Spock would probably have done the same and then explained his actions under some logical basis.

  2. it's interesting that the shooter is being given MORE coverage (much more) than the hero who stopped him...I suppose the fact that the person who stopped the shooter is a believing Christian has nothing to do, with the difference in the way the media is covering this story...


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