Tuesday, June 3, 2014

President Obama defends releasing the Taliban Dream Team

Is this worth the risk?
President Obama broke the law to do this.
Volokh Conspiracy/Washington Post: The case against this exchange
Instapundit: Was this constitutional?

Pentagon knew Bergdahl's location but did not want to risk casualties on a rescue mission…
Chip Ahoy has this palate cleanser…

Instapundit: Benghazi/Bergdahl: Hillary tries to distance herself...
Instapundit: Breaking the law does not seem to be a big deal for the Obama WH
Protein WisdomBergdahl was being held not by the Taliban, but by the Haqqani Network, placed on the terror watch list by Hillary Clinton. This was not a POW swap, therefore, no matter how they try to pretend otherwise. This was a deal made with identified terrorists for a deserter.

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  1. Astounding nobody did any research on this guy.

    If the Choom Gang wanted to divert some heat, they certainly blew it.

    These people really are that stupid.


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