Friday, June 20, 2014

Minnesota Somali youth leaving to go fight with the ISIS in Syria (and probably Iraq)

NPR had a story on the Minneapolis Somali terrorism pipeline.  I am not buying NPR's take that these young jihadis were mere dupes, although I am sure they are manipulated.  There are forces trying to radicalize immigrant youth here and the fight may not be limited to overseas.  These youth are leaving Minnesota to specifically join the ISIS (beyond the mayhem caused there, what could go wrong if they come back)

Not all immigration is good.  I do not want to disparage all Somali Americans with this, most are not radical jihadists, but there is something rotten in the Minnesota Somali community (just like there was in the Egyptian Jersey City community before 9/11). Islamic radicalization in Minnesota has been going on for a long time.

It is not just Minnesota Somali youth:
The Jewish kid from Brooklyn and Jersey who became a radical jihadi
CAIR says it is just the rest of us, for hating Muslims… (no CAIR, the problem is you excuse this jihadist behavior and try to quash the first amendment)
Violent converts to Islam
Egyptian women kidnapped and forced into Islam
ISIS recruiting Westerners

TOM: Obama's Jihad Lovin' DHS Adviser (there is no problem if you don't recognize it)


  1. Seems like a pretty good way of getting rid of them. Just collect their passports on the way out.

  2. You know that crowdfunded flying fuck truck that shipped pussy from NY to SV? We oughta start a similar fund to ship as many of these guys as possible from the US to ISIS.

    The only problem might be finding a flight crew willing to do it.

  3. We'll send flowers to your funeral.

  4. they are not isis


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