Monday, June 30, 2014

Kevin McCarthy: No Legalization without Border Security

Plus the reality is when it comes to illegal immigration as much as 60% of them come not from crossing the Mexico border, but from over staying visas to the USA.  Any solution that does not address tracking tourist and work visa overstay is no solution.  President Obama meanwhile is threatening to act unilaterally on immigration, via executive order.  

TOM: Joe Biden calls on Democrats to chip in to deal with Republicans

Boehner says the same thing McCarthy said (you could barely see his lips move when McCarthy said it)

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  1. If you believe Gallup, only 20% want more immigration, and 40% want less.

    Do the math.

    Because they are Central Americans (and minors) we apparently can't just turn them around and march them back to Mexico.

    Needless to say, they've been coached.

    Let's take the 2 bil the Choom Gang wants and fly them back.


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