Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is the ISIS in Iraq and Syria dysfunctional? Sure, so is cancer…

Ronald Reagan predicted that communism would fall on its own (eventually).  And sure enough, it did.  Reagan did not appease communists, he worked to contain it and keep pressure on it until it did fall.

Radical Islam as it is practiced by the ISIS is not global communism, in terms of threat.  The ISIS ideology is so violent (in its present form) that is unlikely to spread much beyond where is it is currently immediately located (Iraq and Syria, and possibly Jordan).  That said, ISIS is more than enough to worry about.  Cancer is dysfunctional too, but the chaos it causes can still kill a patient depending on how fast it spreads and what organs it damages.  The amount of damage the ISIS can do is enormous.  

And like a disease, nothing says this can't mutate into a less immediately psychotic, but still extremely anti western form of ideology.  Communism managed to last decades and cost millions of lives. The ISIS is not going to be the Soviet Union, but with a bit of staying power and say a dirty bomb or chemical weapons it could cause massive destruction and set off a wider war.

Bill Clinton should shut up on causes (perhaps he can remember he let Osama bin Laden go).  Barack Obama also created a great environment for ISIS to gain strength in what he did in Syria just a few months ago.  That combined with Obama's foolish decision to pull out completely of Iraq is what let to the current crisis.

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  1. Any other president would have dictated a SOFA with Iraq. It's not like they could have said no, had it been put them properly. However; that ship has sailed. Bombing won't do any good with these people (isis) blending in with the population & only neocons are pushing for troop deployment now, with conservatives, such as myself saying: Nay.
    Obama's constitutional abuses of power & the stupidity of his Iraq pull out will not be forgotten when it comes to tallying up his legacy. He can ask Jimmy Carter what it's been like, all these years. Defending the indefensible.

  2. Hell, Islam is dysfunctional.

    It only thrives when western civilization hits a low point.

    (I mean the fall of the Roman Empire and its consequent power vacuum was the last time Islam flourished)

    1. Islam has also survived and spread over the last 1300 years or so. It did not collapse on its own.

    2. Nowhere near as much. Once the Renaissance signalled the resurgence of the West, Islam went into its box.

      After 1500, it's been pretty static, I think.

  3. Islam is a social abomination & infection.

    1. It does have a way of hanging on and flaring up…like Shingles.


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