Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hillary Clinton sure seems hung up on claims she and Bill were poor after they left the White House

Instapundit: "Well, after she had to make that dress out of drapes, Hillary swore she’d never be poor again. And if Hillary doesn’t actually plan to run, then dangling the possibility of her candidacy still helps her rake in more money now."


I denounce myself in advance for this one

“Some of Hillary’s arguments with the president actually turned physical. Once, according to a source close to Valerie Jarrett, Hillary jabbed Obama’s chest with her finger to make a point. When Obama reported the finger-jabbing incident to Michelle, he said that he couldn’t believe Hillary had done that to the president of the United States. He was more amazed than angry about the impulsive attack.”
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  1. Hillary's lost it.

    In every sense you can imagine.

  2. Hell, she's thrown lamps at a prez. What's so surprising about a finger jab?

  3. Don't judge. The woman had to attend her own daughter's wedding in a deflated Thanksgiving parade baloon


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