Monday, June 16, 2014

Hillary Clinton brags how she got a guilty child rapist off for two months time served and possibly violates attorney client privilege...

This is a very interesting story by the Washington Free Beacon:
From a legal ethics perspective, once she agreed to take the case, Clinton was required to defend her client to the fullest even if she did believe he was guilty.
“We’re hired guns,” Ronald D. Rotunda, a professor of legal ethics at Chapman University, told the Washington Free Beacon. “We don’t have to believe the client is innocent…our job is to represent the client in the best way we can within the bounds of the law.”
However, Rotunda said, for a lawyer to disclose the results of a client’s polygraph and guilt is a potential violation of attorney-client privilege.
“You can’t do that,” he said. “Unless the client says: ‘You’re free to tell people that you really think I’m a scumbag, and the only reason I got a lighter sentence is because you’re a really clever lawyer.’”
I agree that as a criminal defense lawyer, Hillary Clinton's job was to do what she could do to get the best situation for her client (regardless of whether she thought him guilty or not).  What is odd is how cavalier Hillary Clinton is in describing this case. The accused rapist Thomas Alfred Taylor is probably deceased now, but Hillary Clinton knows that attorney client privilege survives death.

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