Monday, June 23, 2014

Courtney Barnett: Avant Gardener

This is not typical Rule 5, but it is a Monday song, Rule 5 was Monday this week, and Ms. Barnett is strangely compelling in this video, I am going with it.  


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    1. Actually, her voice and her looks have a quirky beauty to them....that smile alone fits my criteria for what I think is pretty, meaning inside and out....unfairly judged of course because I do not know her, by 40 years ago I'd have wanted to know her.

      Now, speaking of Rule 5 (Oh, we weren't? Tough!) how about one to identify that lovely young woman behind Daryl Issa's left shoulder, on the right of the TV screen, last night during the hearing? She appeared to an exceptional example of the women of DC back in the day when I saw many of them a certain Capitol Hill hotel and saloon (the one with yard long beer bongs) mostly occupied by the youth of political support and administration. One of the very few phenomena I enjoyed in DC...earnest young people who still had a head for policy and procedure....Among them as a 26 year old Army guy, I was "old" in terms of the day. Ppbbffftt!

    2. I agree, she has a quirky beauty (it goes with her lyrics).


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