Thursday, May 1, 2014

You've come a long way baby: Barista Rule 5

TOM's Majoring in Minimum Wage prompted this Rule 5.  Because nothing says success like a college degree, student loan payments that cannot be discharged short of death, and a job as a barista!

She made that for you with love!  Hit her tip jar!
Boy those Housewives in the fifties were really abused by the patriarchy. Women have it soooo much better now!  And when the government increases the minimum wage, Starbucks had said it will likely cut benefits.

Of course there are also the bikini coffee places that result in bigger TIPS!  Generally I suspect a college degree is not required, but you might have other expenses…

It is sort of like a college fund (although I think she has the credits already)

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  1. Just put a "gentleman's latte" on the menu and…problem solved!

    Looks the girls in those last few pix are getting close to figuring this out.


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