Sunday, May 18, 2014

Separated at Birth: Mississippi Political Blogger Clayton Thomas Kelly and…?

TOM: "Forget it Jake, it's…"

This post is not to defend Clayton Thomas Kelly, if he did this it was definitely wrong.  But part of Kelly's problem is he is not able to ride on an Establishment reputation like Bob Woodward did with his supposed death bed interview of Bill Casey.  Of course, there is a dispute over whether it ever happened--which suggests Woodward might be guilty of something else.

TOM: More arrests in Mississippi Scandal (definitely BSC News worthy)
Hot Air has more…
Drew at AoSHQ has more...
We cover this race on the podcast and Ace makes a point I haven't seen anyone else making...the charges represent an unethical use of law enforcement in order to stifle a legitimate act of journalism. The podcast is up and linked in the sidebar.


  1. Hey, did Mortuary Bob ever take pictures?

  2. There's no comparison at all in terms of creepiness.

    In denouncing Woodward you're denouncing ambition or greed or something like that. If he actually got his story, it's "Front Page" style journalism. Of course, it he made it all up then it's reprehensible.

    But still not creepy. This MS dude is disgusting. He's also scary, b/c he may represent a growing belief among lefties that the pursuit of "social justice" justifies any means necessary.


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