Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ridley Scott is back: Bladerunner and Prometheus sequels in the works…what could go wrong? Warning: potential spoilers

What could go wrong?  A lot…but this is hilarious.  More here.
I loved Bladerunner, but how are they going to pull off Deckard aging?
Is a sequel crazy?
If he was a replicant, the aging thing does not exactly work.  One of the great things of the first movie is it only suggested it, but did not answer it (although they did with the unicorn origami).  Still, this by Ace is well said too.

More rumors on what Ridley Scott is up to…

They don't even have Ms. Theron for a Prometheus sequel… (some bonus Rule 5 is required, as is FMJRA linkage...)


  1. When somebody has to do sequels, they're not back.

    They're gone forever.

    1. Ford is not gone forever, but he is definitely in the Michael Caine stage of his career of taking anything that comes down the pike.


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