Sunday, May 25, 2014

Loser goes on rampage, kills himself, I am sorry for his victims…

TOM makes excellent points with this post and this one.  Donald Douglas also makes an excellent point.  But we (and by we I mean all of us--the public and the media) need to stop focusing individual attention on these zeta male loser psychopaths when they go off.  Obviously the news has to be reported and should be, but we reduce this cycle by giving them as little celebrity public attention and focus as possible.  You don't have to have degrees in psychology or medicine to recognize part of these murderers' motivation involves trying to overcome their anonymity.  We should consider reporting these stories in a manner that doesn't encourage other psychopaths by rewarding these criminals with individual celebrity after their mayhem.

And the answer is not gun control (if anything it is about more legal conceal carry).  While this list is generally good, there is no good data I am aware of to support number nine.  This loser yesterday killed not only with a gun, but with a knife and a car (are we going to ban those too).  While I recognize there is not that much data to go on, here are nine murderous events that were stopped or mitigated because an armed citizen intervened.  More honest and sane people being armed and carrying would mean a shooter like this gets confronted sooner (and usually when they are confronted they either give up or kill themselves).  Either way, innocent lives saved. And if you are going to legally carry, it is also prudent to get trained and practice.  And get this book.

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I posted this link and comment in updates over at my post on Cotes' reparations article: AoSHQ: "The Power of Whiteness:" Touré's Glib Dismissal of a Descendant of a Holocaust Survivor Raises Eyebrows  This reminds me of The Sopranos episode where every character was narcissistically focused on their own historical persecution.  That episode is generally hated by most fans, but this little speech by Tony at the end is awesome.  The Sopranos visited the issue of victim-hood in other episodes previous to this (this theme definitely plays into the creepy little weirdo's shooting in California).  

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  1. The weekend toll for gun violence in the city includes at least nine people dead and at least 36 wounded.-6 children

    That was just last month in a city near you and me. You didn't read it or hear about it on the national crazy biased anguished progressive fucking news? Say What?!

    Quelle' Surprise.

  2. If he'd had a six-shooter, would it have been any less?

    What they needed on the other side was somebody armed and able.

    And it doesn't help the sheriff says he was under the radar.

  3. I remember Tony quoting an Indian (American) expression "don't go about in pity for yourself."
    Totally applies to this murdering little spoiled brat asshat as well as all the other "victims" in Fat City, America.

  4. Meanwhile, the media and the left (same thing) coopt Other Peoples' Grief to their own political ends.
    Fucking parasites.


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