Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barack Obama speaks on his utter failure in taking care of Veterans #VAScandal

Hot Air: No resignation for Shinseki
TOM: Meanwhile Libya continues to spiral out of control...  (Where is Colin Powell to bring up the "Pottery Barn Rule" to President Obama)
Protein Wisdom: Unarmed veteran beaten to death by police...

Instapundit:  Obama dismisses Benghazi and ObamaCare controversies, can't confirm he ever took that pay cut he promised...
Instapundit: Veterans on wait list are committing suicide (the buck stops with the President)
More at Twitchy 
Obama is Angry
Ben Shapiro: The five times Obama expressed outrage over his own incompetence…

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  1. Much like (Godwin Alert), the ability to inspire fear and manipulate the public masks the blithering incompetence within.


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